Non-Profit Referral Program

Here at Full Circle Translations, we believe in leaving the world a better place than we found it. We are proud to be giving 10% of our post-tax profits to worthy organizations like People Helping People Global, but we want to do more and give more, which also means growing our business.

And so, we have established our non-profit partnership referral program. Non-profits apply for free membership in this program, and once approved, they receive a code which they can share with their supporters. In this increasingly global world, more and more people are needing translation services, and any non-profit, among its supporters, may find people whose companies need documents translated or who have old family letters in other languages they've always been curious to read. Each non-profit, in return, receives 10% of any translation job referred to us using their code. That's not 10% of our post-tax profits, or even 10% of our profits at all, but 10% of the total job cost.

Why 10% of the total job cost? Our non-profit partners help us by referring business to Full Circle Translations, and we want to make it worth their while. Plus, we've discovered giving is rather addictive and the organizations with which we work inspire us. It makes good business sense, absolutely, but it also fulfills our vision of Full Circle Translations as a socially-conscious business.

If you represent or support a non-profit interested in partnering with Full Circle Translations, please contact us. Tell us a little bit about what your organization does and how additional support from Full Circle Translations would support you in your efforts. Together, we can make the world a better place.